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NTN-SNR Aftermarket Accessory Range

Having considered the increasing complexity of today’s systems, which include many components in an accessory belt system, NTN-SNR Aftermarket has developed a complete range of accessories :

Tensioners and Guide rollers  
Hydraulic tensioners
Free wheel alternator pulleys
Accessory Kits

NTN-SNR : OEM parts or OEM quality parts
The bearing is safety critical part : failure of a roller or a belt can have drastic consequences. By choosing NTN-SNR products, you have a firm guarantee on the reliability of your replacement. The NTN-SNR brand value is applied to all components, and the range offered contains only OEM parts or OEM quality parts.

Accessory Tensioners

The accessory range consists of more than 250 references (GA) for 19 vehicle brands.


Automatic Tensioner

Guide Roller

With bracket


With or without bracket

Eccentric fixing


Flat Pulley – Grooved Pulley

Accessory Kits

NTN-SNR Aftermarket offers fifty kit references (KA). The range covers current applications with the most widely used accessory options.

The NTN-SNR accessory Kits contain all of the components needed to make an effective belt replacement, with guide rollers and tensioners (manual, or automatic-by spring or hydraulic) as required by the system.

NTN-SNR numbering
The Accessory product ranges are referenced as follows : 
« GA3» for Tensioners or Guide Rollers. EG : GA 355.75
« GA7» for de-clutching pulleys.
« KA8» for Accessory Kits. EG: KA866.00.

The belt references are as the manufacturer’s standard.

Example 6PK1165 indicates that the belt :
- Has 6 V-grooves
- Has the V grooves along the length of the belt (PK)

- Measures 116.5 cm (1165).

The length tolerance is variable, dependent on the individual manufacturers labeling (example: the belt 6PK1165 from manufacturer 1 can be the equivalent of belt 6PK1163 from manufacturer2).

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