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The NTN-SNR Aftermarket Timing Range

The aftermarket timing range covers more than 98% of the European vehicle including the main Japanese applications.

NTN-SNR : OEM parts or OEM quality parts
The bearing is safety critical part : failure of a roller or a belt can have drastic consequences. By choosing SNR products, you have a firm guarantee on the reliability of your replacement. The NTN-SNR brand value is applied to all components, and the range offered contains only OEM parts or OEM quality parts.

Timing Rollers
NTN-SNR Aftermarket offers more than 400 references timing rollers. The range is continually being updated with new references as required by the market. The present range consists of Guide/Idler Rollers (GE) and Tensioners (GT) mechanical and automatic.

Idler Roller

Automatic Tensioner

Guide Roller

With bracket


 distrib_enrouleur_pouliecrantées distrib_enrouleur_poulies guides
Toothed Roller - Flanged Roller

Eccentric fixing


 distrib_enrouleur_poulie lisse
Rollers for alignement

Timing belt Kits


NTN-SNR Aftermarket has a range of almost 300 timing belt kits (KD). These NTN-SNR Timing kits contain all of the components needed to make an effective repair :
- Tensioners, Guide rollers, and Idler Rollers
- Timing Belts
- Belts for Injection pump, camshaft, and balancing shaft if required.
- Camshaft pulley damper if recommended by the manufacturer

NTN-SNR numbering
The Timing product ranges are referenced as follows :

« GT3 » for belt tensioners. EX : GT 357.37
« GE3 » for guide rollers

« KD4 » for timing belt kits. Ex: KD 455.14


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