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Brake Disc Kits

Technical aspect



In recent years some vehicle manufacturers have changed the design of rear brake disc assemblies :
the hub disc

In such designs, the shoulder of the hub disc obscures access to the outer ring of the bearing. It is therefore impossible to push on the outer to remove the bearing from its housing. 



The SNR solution

SNR Aftermarket markets brake discs with pre-assembled wheel bearings, cirlip, and for some applications the ASB® target, nut and hub cap.
The assembly of the bearing in the disc within SNR factories is an assurance of quality.

This type of kit ensures that end users do not have to attempt to press the bearing from its housing.

SNR exclusivity

  The brake discs are exclusively original quality parts : we work with an OE supplier
Nous ne vendons pas les roulements seuls, car toute tentative de démontage entraîne une détérioration du moyeu. Le remontage du roulement dans son moyeu ne peut donc pas se faire en toute sécurité.

Advantages of the  kit

The customer does not need any special tools for the job : the brake disc kit is delivered ready to fit.

The job can be done quickly : no need for a press
Ensures safety

European law has condemned the use of disc brakes of different wear/thickness.        We therefore recommend that you always replace two brake discs at the same time.

The Brake Disc range available or coming soon (all are rear wheels)

Puce jaune fleche 

KF 155.70U

Renault Trafic -AR (Train arrière)

Puce jaune fleche 

KF 155.73U

Renault Scénic 1 Phase II et Mégane -AR

Puce jaune fleche 

KF 155.77U

Renault Mégane 2 et Modus -AR

Puce jaune fleche 

KF 155.78U

Renault Scénic 2 court -AR

Puce jaune fleche 

KF 155.79U

Renault Scénic 2 long -AR

Puce jaune fleche 

KF 155.81U

Renault Laguna II -AR

Puce jaune fleche 

KF 155.83U

Renault Velsatis et Espace IV -AR

Puce jaune fleche 

KF 159.48U

Peugeot 307 -AR

Puce jaune fleche

KF 159.53U

Peugeot 207 et 307 phase II -AR

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