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Suspension Bearings


Leader in the OEM market, SNR makes available to the aftermarket all of its experience in developing OEM solutions for suspension systems and guarantees you approved « original quality » products (bearings and components).

Suspension bearings operate in a very demanding and exposed environment. This is why all SNR Suspension thrust bearings are :

Designed studied and optimised with respect to rigidity and sealing
Validated for each vehicle application
Tested on SNR test beds and manufacturers test vehicles

What is the life span of a McPherson strut suspension bearing?
The suspension components have all become more and more reliable but do have a limited life span. Dependant on the vehicle the parts should be changed between 75 000 km and 100 000 km.

Why replace the suspension bearings?

A new set of suspension bearings ensures :

A more precise and easier steering (reduced effort)

A reduction in vibrations (up to 25% on bad roads)

Better steering

An improvement in road holding

When do you change suspension bearings?

Whenever shock absorbers are replaced

When the bearings or surrounding parts are worn

When the steering becomes stiff and noisy

When there is play in the front axle

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