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Suspension Kits

SNR includes all of the upper suspension parts in their kits : the bearing, screws, bolts, insulating parts.



1. Upper support for the spring
2. Suspension strut bearing
3. Bearing support
4. Shock absorber or insulator support

5. Washer
6. Fixing nut(s) for shock absorber support
7. Flange
8. Fixing nut for shock absorber shaft

Are you changing shock absorbers?

Think also about changing at the same time the suspension bearings, the insulators and all of the other components which connect the strut to the chassis.
Changing all of the different parts enable s you to have a brand new approved assembly, which will benefit you with :

Safe and comfortable control of the vehicle

Improvements in road holding

Easier turning

Safety is ensured by replacing all nuts and bolts (that are non-reusable)

Steering is more precise

Better noise reduction

Reduced vibrations


Financial benefit from servicing the car

Longer tyre life

Efficiency of the shock absorber is ensured

No increase in vehicle service time

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