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NTN-SNR's automotive products

Every day we commit ourselves to supplying new and appropriate solutions to the automotive world.


With the strength of numerous decades of experience, our unique know-how, supported by our research plan and a real culture of innovation, our expertise extends right across the range of automotive bearings. 

Acknowledged leader in bearings, we can offer all technological solutions for original equipment and the after market:

  • wheel bearings,
  • gearbox bearings,
  • engine bearings,
  • alternator bearings,
  • starter bearings,
  • accessory bearings (pulleys etc.),
  • suspension bearings,
  • clutch-release bearings,
  • transmission seals.   


NTN-SNR range of automotive products 

We have also been able to combine electronics technology with our mechanical know-how:  this is what makes for successful mechatronics.
Measuring speed (with our global standard ASB®), angle measurement and force measurement, we combine the best of the two technologies to provide the most innovative and powerful solutions.


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