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Commitments in Environment

As mentioned in the  NTN CSR Report: “By union of both NTN and SNR technological assets, by sharing a common vision, we aim to develop Human and earth friendly products and solutions”, Hervé Brelaud, R&D director.


NTN-SNR Commitment in Environment    


The product composition to reduce environmental impacts

As part of a car, bearings must also be 95% recyclable.

  • The steel composing the bearing is a recyclable material,
  • grease and seals are homologated depending on their recyclability.



Our actions in production to reduce our impacts

Many actions are conducted each year to reduce consumption linked to production. A few examples:

  • Energy consumption reduction:

Investment in new air compressors and search for air leakages, investment in new boilers greatly reduce electricity and warming consumption thanks to improved productivity.

  • Water consumption reduction:

cascade system for rinsing water after heat treatment, aiming at saving water and improving rinsing.  Re-use of industrial water after ultrafiltering to reduce and even stop water waste.

  • Solid waste reduction:

By pressing grinding mud (re-usable for production of steel tubes and bars), by using more forging and rolling during 1st operations and by waste sorting.  


NTN-SNR Water consumption reduction



Grinding mud briquetteGrinding mud briquette



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