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From SRO to SNR

Logo SRO 
 1916: SRO Creation
Naissance - Schmid
The bearing business was created by the Swiss blacksmith Jacques Schmid.

Naissance - E1
In 1916, SRO's plant at Annecy covered 64,300 m2.
At the beginning of 1919, the Annecy plant already employed 200 people who operated 130 machines.

Personnel de l'aciérie
Personnel du laminoir
Steelwork and rolling mill employees.
Naissance - E3Spacer
Women working on raceway grinding machines.

Naissance - E6
The executives and engineers were available to the boss day and night. To keep them at hand, housing was built to lodge them close to the plant.
The crazy years between the wars

SRO advertising  

Roulements SRO
SRO bearings
for tramway


Le magasin SROSpacer
   The SRO shop


Exposition SRO
SRO exhibition during a commercial tradeshow

L'atelier d'usinage
The machining workshop:
Workshops were turning at full capacity,
in 1920 they doubled their production
of the previous year
and an additional 150 people were hired.
 War and bombing 
SpacerVue aérienne bombardéeSpacer
An aerial view of the bombed plant.

A pile of metal and rubble: all that remained of the mechanics workshop.
A live bomb discovered among the rubble.
Une bome non éclatée
Despite the two previous bombings of the city of Annecy by the Allies in December 1942 and in November 1943, and a lot of sabotage, this time nothing escaped the "watering" delivered  in several waves by the 33 bombers of the Royal Air Force during the night of the 9th to 10th of May 1944: more than 300 bombs were dropped within the perimeter of the plant in 20 minutes.

Amas de ferraille et de gravas

The broken parts of a 4-bar automatic turning machine.
Equipements brisés
By dawn on the 10th of May 1944, the plant had become a scene of desolation: 24,000 m2 m² reduced to a pile of rubble and twisted metal. Only the administrative buildings and canteens were relatively unscathed. 13 people lost their lives and many more were injured.

La forge en ruine
The forge in ruins.
In 1946, Renault, recently nationalised, took over SRO which then became SNR "Société Nouvelle de Roulements" (the "new bearing company").
Rebuilding began.
Guerre - G7-9


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