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Our areas of development and innovation

Environmental innovation 

For better environmental protection
NTN-SNR puts respect for the environment at the heart of its development policy by: 

  • contributing to reductions in CO2 emissions,
  • increasing the recycling potential of products.

The group is working in two areas: 

  • reducing friction, 
  • reducing weight/performance ratios. 

Improved performance for our customers through the development of:


  • strong, reliable products,
  • specific, innovative solutions meeting the requirements of each customer.
  • Diagnostic solutions enabling:
  • a reduction in preventive and remedial maintenance costs,
  • thus ensuring reliability and safety.


The integration of new functions... addition to the bearing's primary rotation function, in order to:

  • Reduce the number of parts to be assembled by the manufacturer, 
  • Provide our expertise by ensuring clearances and measurements,
  • Contribute to user safety through the use of mechatronic technology, (ESP integrated chassis control, anti-skid technology, etc.)  



Bearings design


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