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Our driver towards innovation: Mechatronics

 Developments in mechatronics


Pioneer of sensors in bearings
SNR have been developing and manufacturing mechatronic products for more than 20 years. SNR is at the origin of the concept:

  • They have become a world reference in the measurement of wheel speed. 
  • More than 110 million ASB® bearings sold and fitted worldwide. 

SNR has become the name in mechatronics and this provides the basis for future developments by NTN-SNR. 

Speed with the ASB®
ASB® (Active Sensor Bearing) actively measures wheel rotation speed. 

  • A seal, magnetically coded with a succession of north and south poles, is fitted to the wheel bearing.
  • A sensor fitted nearby transmits an electrical signal as the poles pass by and it enables the speed of rotation to be measured.
  • This signal is sent to the vehicle's computers which need the information for the operation of systems such as ABS anti-lock brakes, ESP driving assistance, GPS navigation, etc.

This technology is applicable to other rotary assemblies.


Speed with the ASB®


Position-direction of rotation       

Position and direction of rotation
Our magnetic technology know-how has allowed us to develop a second generation of  high-resolution speed, position and direction-of-rotation systems.

A more sophisticated magnetic encoder comprises two reading tracks. SNR has developed a high-performance ASIC (sensor and electronics) which enables the detailed interpretation of electrical signals and the obtention of high resolution.

NTN-SNR have been marketing this encoder and associated ASIC set since 2008. Do not hesitate to contact the NTN-SNR sales teams. 


This involves a bearing which includes strain gauges which measure the micro-deformities around the ring, caused by loads during operation.  

This involves Initial advanced developments in the automotive sector make it possible to measure the forces on each wheel and therefore the vehicle's road holding. The information enables dynamic integrated chassis control (ESP type). Several SNR patents are already registered to protect this concept. 

The technology could also be applied to other industrial sectors such as construction machinery, robots and even wind turbines. 

An important technological breakthrough in the areas of safety, reliability and performance. A promising innovation which will soon be in production.                         



Diagnostics: vibration, temperature, wear, etc. 
NTN-SNR continues its drive towards better anticipation of customer requirements. Relying on our know-how in mechatronics, we are currently working on diagnostic solutions for predicting the first signs of the end of a bearing's life, using temperature and vibration information, etc. 



The Group has mastered the integration of measurement technology within bearings. With this expertise, we offer our services to customers, working with them to achieve the best level of integrated measurement functions in any device, whether or not it contains a bearing.

This know-how, combined with a high level of professionalism in the areas of automotive, aerospace and industry, makes us the ideal partner for the development of "customised" solutions, contact us!


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