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Mechatronic products


Thanks to a 20 year experience in mechatronic products and instrumentation, SNR developed a recognized competence in magnetic sensors for speed and position measurement: writing and reading magnetic data on an annular or linear encoder is the key technology of our solutions.


 Mesurement  Magnetic encoder  Sensor
 Incremental position
 single-track encoder  Standard sensor (Hall, MR, …)
 Speed &
 High Resolution position
 Rotation direction
 single-track encoder  MPS40S
 High Resolution speed
 HR absolute position
 dual-track encoder  MPS40S
  speed position sensor GB


Example of SNR solution performances48pp encoder + MPS40S with resolution x40

  • Resolution : 7680 edges/turn = 0.047°
  • Max speed : 6250 rpm
  • Temperature : -40°C to 125°C 
  • Automotive qualified solution



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SNR magnetic encoders


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The use of elastomer based magnetic information supports leaded us to develop a unique savoir-faire in :

  • simulation,
  • materials,
  • encoder design,
  • magnetizing process and testing.
   SNR magnetic encoders

The magnetic encoding is realized in single-track for speed and incremental position measurement, like for the  ASB® product‚ or in dual-track for absolute positioning measurement, with  SNR proprietary ASIC MPS40S as sensing element.
SNR places at your disposal the encoders developed for automotive applications.


Sensing elements : MPS40S



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Sensing element MPS40S


Hall effect SNR proprietary ASIC called MPS40S is made for simultaneous reading of two magnetic tracks. This sensor generates two quadrature signals and one or more reference pulses. Characteristics :

  • Interpolation, up to 40 times, of magnetic pattern resolution. Therefore, a multipolar ring with 32 pole pairs can generate up to 1280 pulses/channel/rev (5120 edges).
  • Integrated temperatue compensation (-40/+125°C),
  • Automatic compensation of air gap variations between ASIC and encoder during operation.

The MPS40S is programmable and can be adapted to your needs: resolution, magnetic poles lengths, electrical interface, diagnosis, etc.