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NTN-SNR Automotive Research and Development

Automotive R&D   

Partners of the world's major manufacturers and equipment suppliers, NTN-SNR are developing new technology in all fields to make the world of tomorrow a better place. 


Development of suitable, innovative solutions
Present in three major areas of the motor industry (chassis, gear boxes and engines), NTN-SNR will assist you in the development of suitable, innovative solutions, using: 

  • Efficient project management
  • recognised by the major manufacturers and automotive equipment suppliers
  • Which guarantees flawless reliability for developments, whether related to quality, cost or time.
  • An R&D team with a high degree of expertise:
    a single contact at NTN-SNR, the project leader, is appointed for each customer. His technical expertise, both in the area of bearings and also your application (gear box, engine equipment, wheel) guarantees you the best recommendations available in the market. All traditional and specific solutions will be proposed to you.

  • The widest range of products on the market,
    making the fullest use of all the NTN-SNR group's expertise.
         NTN-SNR technical expertise

Development projects
To meet future challenges, our technical teams are involved in numerous development projects, including:    

 environmental protection    
  • Low environmental impact products  (downsizing, reduced friction, etc.): new designs made possible by the development of new materials, manufacturing processes and heat treatments:
  • The low-friction conical bearings range
  • The promotion of innovative solutions for engine applications (the needle bearing range, specific for camshaft or crankshaft bearings).
  • New designs to meet the requirements of new engine technologies and hybridisation (all electric vehicles, wheel motors and hybrids).
  •  Increased reliability products for use in challenging environments:
  • Strengthened sealing, low-friction thrust bearings
  • Range of wheel, clutch-release and drive-shaft bearings for countries with harsh conditions. 


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