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NTN-SNR Industrial Research and Development

Our industrial R&D challenge: to develop products and solutions for each application, specific environment and economic situation.



NTN-SNR Team  

A team at your service :

  • Provides close technical support for all our European customers  (technical offices in France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain…),
  • Relies on proven methods of development and quality,
  • Has a focused knowledge of applications in the main markets,
  • Provides complete and effective product ranges.

This team is supported by NTN-SNR's calculation and simulation departments, materials' laboratory and test centres.


NTN-SNR's industrial research projects are directed towards:

  • Reducing environmental impacts,
  • Innovative solutions for lubrication and sealing,
  • Optimising performance, life cycles and
  • the integration of measuring sensors.

Diverse areas of competence:

  • Wind turbines: main shaft, multiplier and generator applications
  • Railways: axle, transmission and engine applications
  • Construction and public works vehicles: engine, transmission, power axle and accessory applications
  • Machine tools: spindle and slide rail applications

But also agriculture, textiles, transmissions, vacuum pumps, electric motors, motor cycles, bicycles, film extruders, papersteel-making,…


Technical ranges developed for specific needs:

  • High-capacity, high-performance ranges
  • High-precision, high-speed, high-temperature ranges
  • Solid lubrication ranges for ""maintenance-free"" mechanisms
  • Integration of mechanical fixing functions, dentures: crown gears, hubs, flanges, etc.
  • Integration of (speed, angle, temperature, etc.) measuring instrumentation.
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