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Self-aligning bearing units

PAA inox Spacer In use in extremely diversified industrial sectors, self-aligning bearing units, by design, meet very heavy stress loading applications where perfect alignment is not guaranteed.
However, misalignment, is not the only stress input on this typeof product: speed, vibration, corrosion, and pollution from the conveyed products are also very damaging factors.

Therefore, the bearing material and technology must mandatorily be perfectly tailored to the operating context.

The new range of SNR self-aligning bearings is one of the most extensive in the market. Almost 6,000 P/Ns, grey iron, steel sheet, stainless steel or thermoplastic material housing. Five bearing-insert implementations. Three types of attachment, various protective caps and adapted sealing systems, specific surface treatment as required. This new bearing range addresses all applications, from the most conventional to the most unexpected.

Providing straightforward assembly and servicing, the SNR bearings are compact, cost-efficient solutions for the handling, packaging, agriculture, wood treatment, textile machinery sectors and other general mechanical domains.

The common factors of all our products are, simplified quick fitting, designed to match your productivity and maintenance objectives, and quality beyond reproach. In this field, SNR has acquired in-depth knowledge from its industrial and automotive experience: material choice, internal geometry, lubrication...