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Special bearings with Lubsolid

Lubsolid: The SNR solution to lubrication deficiencies

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Faulty lubrication is accountable for 70 % of premature failures and certain intensive applications cannot use conventional bearing oils and greases.

Therefore, SNR created the LubSolid product line, providing outstanding bearing service life extension (up to 20 times longer in some cases) in the most demanding conditions: vacuum, extreme temperatures, low amplitude oscillations…

The SNR Lubsolid bearing is consists of a porous polymer matrix containing a large quantity of oil and occupying the main part of the free volume of the bearing. Heat and pressure during operation delivers oil to the working surfaces or rolling elements and raceways. Lubsolid can significantly reduce downtime and eliminate the need for regreasing.

The LubSolid process can be adapted to all types of bearings: ball, spherical, tapered (from 5mm bore to 450 mm outer diameter), with or without cage, with or without seal, with total or partial fill.

SNR is now in a position to answer any request for engineering study. For this purpose, please send your requests to