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Topline and F600

Bearings for extreme use

Topline Spacer The TOPLINE bearing range integrates SNR's latest technological innovations and provide a suitable solution for the most extreme operating conditions.

The range breaks down into 4 families, the bearings can sustain temperatures from -60°C to +200°C and rotating speeds up to 700,000 N.Dm.

Technical data:

Steel cages,
Available in sealed (fluorinated elastomer or Viton seal, depending on the Series) or protected version (lower cost baffles suitable for high rotating speeds).
Greases selected for their excellent performance in application, and submitted to thorough testing. Grease is accountable for 70% of bearing failures. Therefore, the utmost care exercised in greases selection now contributes to bearing quality, while guaranteeing reliability and extending service life.

Applications examples: Electrical motors, alternators, industrial ventilation, compressors, heating pumps, driers, frigorific facilities, photocopiers, couplers, textile machines, ski lift/ chairlift compressors …
FT150 - FT 150 ZZ (T° up to 150°C) Puce bleu6000 FT, 6200 FT, 6300 FT  
HT200 - HT200 ZZ (T° up to 200°C) Puce bleu6200 HT, 6300 HT
HV ZZ (Speed up to 700,000 N.Dm) Puce bleu6000 HV, 6200 HV
LT - LT ZZ (T° up to -60°C) Puce bleu6000 LT, 6200 LT
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F600: A technical bearing range for slow motion handling at high temperatures

F600_ceramique_100 Spacer Fitted with a steel sheet cage, the F600 range bearings receive a specific surface treatment making them more resistant to oxidation and thermal shocks, and allowing operations between 200°C and 350°C.

Suitable for slow handling at high temperatures, they require a rotating speed of less than 50 RPM and moderate loads. Radial clearance was increased to compensate for thermal expansion deviations between the 2 rings and for neighbouring component distortions.

The F600 series also includes:

F604 bearings, suitable for high pollution environments, with a high temperature lubricant and protected by two integral baffles,
F605 bearings, for limestone baking oven, of open design, stabilised up to 350°C temperature, without surface treatment.

The special treatments of the F600 series can be applied on request to other bearing symbols and types (e.g. spherical roller bearings). Please contact SNR's technical departments.

Applications examples: oven carriages, transport rolls, conveyors, porcelain works, glass making, foundries, cement plants, brick plants…
Series: F600 (standard), F604 (greased and protected), F605 (limestone process)
6000, 6200, 6300