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Spherical roller thrust bearings

To meet the most precise specifications, SNR proposes a permanently optimised spherical roller bearing range, providing even higher robustness.

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Of small footprint, E Series roller thrust bearings are designed to sustain high mechanical loads. They accept very high axial loading, while featuring low susceptibility to shocks. However, radial loading must remain moderate. Admissible misalignment is to the order of 2° and rotating speed is low.

The high loads likely to be applied to these thrust bearings require oil lubrication (lubrication ports are provided). Grease lubrication can only be envisioned for low rotating speeds, under moderate loading.

Thanks to their detachable components the SNR thrust bearings are interchangeable.

Applications examples: Heavy vertical shafts, turbo alternators, lifting cranes pivots, plastic injection wormscrews…

Series: 29300, 29400